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   Greater Nanticoke Area Drug Task Force

Mission Statement
As concerned citizens of GNA, we believe that the greatest gift to our community is a healthy and wholesome environment for our youth. We believe that every young person has a right to grow and mature in a healthy and happy way. Therefore, we make a commitment to our youth in building a bright future not denied by the illicit drug culture which surrounds us.
And so it is the mission of the Greater Nanticoke Area Drug Task Force to reach out to the community at large making it aware of the growing drug problem, and effecting a response for the entire community to do something about it.

Action Statements

  • To raise awareness of the drug problem by reaching out to the citizens and institituons of Nanticoke, i.e., schools, youth groups, civic and religious organizations and our business community.
  • To provide programs and activities which will offer our young people healthy alternatives to a drug-using life style.
  • To invite well-known programs of Recovery to serve the needs of the community.
  • To serve as a resource, directing those in need, (adults as well as teens), to find appropriate services.
  • To be responsible with the gifts and assets given by our community and to be sure they are always used with the ultimate goal of impacting the drug problem.

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